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Lindon Remodel

Similar to the White remodel, this was another older home where we relocated the stairs and opened up the house from one end to another. We removed a center structural wall and replaced it with a twenty-five-foot beam, making the front room and kitchen into one large living space. The stairs and railing are the focus here, but it’s the finishes all over that really tie everything together. We changed every room in the house, getting rid of old ones and adding new ones, turning it from a dark, maze-like house into a bright, open home that people will enjoy for years.

Move the blue bar left and right to see a before and after comparison.

Murray Remodel

This remodel was a complete overhaul of the kitchen, living room, and basement. We created a more open concept by replacing a bearing wall with a structural beam to seamlessly connect the kitchen to the living room. We also updated the basement with a kitchenette and modern finishes. This project embraced a modern vision, updating the kitchen with contemporary finishes and high-end appliances while transforming the living room into a spacious, well-lit space. Our focus on efficient design and innovative lighting solutions resulted in a total home transformation. Through strategic structural modifications and curated interior enhancements, we were able to bring this concept to life.

Move the blue bar left and right to see a before and after comparison.

Taylorsville Remodel

In this extensive home makeover, we tackled a big project that included not just making things look nicer, but also making some important structural changes. The main focus of our work was moving the basement stairs to open up the kitchen and living room areas. This change wasn’t just about making the space look bigger, but also about making it feel more open and easy to move around in. We updated the design with modern touches, nicer materials, and smarter layout to make the whole house feel more comfortable and attractive. Check out the before-and-after pictures in our gallery to see how we transformed this home into a modern and functional space.

Move the blue bar left and right to see a before and after comparison.